How to Build a Trailer in Layman’s Terms

A trailer is a compartment used to accommodate additional storage space and is easily attached to a vehicle for mobility. Types range from the simple box-like variety without cover, to more elaborate versions which protect its contents from the weather and prying eyes. In addition to using trailers for storage and transportation of goods, they can be mobile homes used as permanent residences or for vacation breaks.

Assuming you are keen to own a trailer, you have the option to purchase or build one. First, do some homework on how to build a trailer. Will the trailer be an extension to the trunk of your car or will it be your living quarters during road trips? Once you decide its purpose to transport things or people, read up on possible types and designs from how-to books and the internet. If you have friends who have some prior experience, pick their brains. Else the local hardware store is always a good bet for advice and tips on how to build a trailer.

If you are an amateur at building trailers, the best option is to follow a ready design. They are very helpful as they list the required materials and tools, with clear instructional steps. Establish a workplace with sufficient space, power and lighting. Since a fair amount of welding work is required, either hire or purchase a welding machine. If you have no prior experience, join a welding class as it’s a skill worth having if you’re intending to venture into more home projects. Else, engage the services of a professional welder. Rope in some able-bodied family members or friends as this is not light work for a solo builder.

Since a trailer is going to bear a substantial load, ensure the construction of frame and axle is sturdy. Determine the trailer’s center of gravity complies by the law of Physics as it poses as a road hazard if it tips and shed its load midway. The trailer’s tongue, being the sole connection to the pulling vehicle, must be of robust material and able to bear the weight of the trailer with full load. It is important not to skimp on these aforementioned areas.

For a long-lasting trailer, coat its metalwork with a rust-proof material. Treat the wooden boards to withstand extreme weather conditions. Regardless of whether you use the trailer for days or nights, attach tail lights to avoid unwanted collisions. Add a roof, walls and doors to protect and secure your trailer’s contents. If you are building a trailer as living quarters, run the power, gas and water lines in the proper manner to avoid leakage and shorting of circuits.

As added incentive to your trailer building activities, why not get someone to film the process? You then end up with a physical trailer to transport items and a movie trailer with memories of your 1st big project.

Movie Trailers

Movie Trailers or previews are film advertisements for films that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema or big screen. We also see trailers on television. Trailers are seen on DVD unless we know how to bypass them by clicking the menu button on the remote control. Another venue to watch trailer is on the internet and visit to online internet database which also previews trailers of different movies or films. One of the best site to see movie trailers is at and []

Originally trailers were shown at the end of the a film but it did not last long because audience tended to leave after the film ended because they have seen the entire movie and so trailers are now shown before the film show and serves as an advertisement to attract audiences or movie fanatics.

Trailers normally consist of a series of selected shots or scene from the film to be released to the general public for viewing. Since the purpose is to attract the audience, experts choose most exciting, funny, or noteworthy parts of the film but it is often in the abbreviated form because trailer may last from less than two and half minutes as required. Trailers tell the story of a movie in a highly condensed, maximally appealing fashion. Sometimes there are more than one versions of the trailer.

You will be surprised that there are companies that specialize in making movie trailers for the movie studios.

Small Talk About the Existence of 3D Movie Trailers

A movie could be advertised and made known to the public in a lot of different but equally creative ways. It could be advertised through the distribution of posters and other forms of print ads. To get the attention of all the very busy passers by, these prints are usually accented by very vibrant colors and often featuring common faces. Another way, is by using the more advanced movie trailers. According to its definition, a trailer is a series of scenes from the movie compressed in a video clip so that the viewers will have an idea what that certain movie is all about.

Before moving on, let us direct our attention first on some of the most interesting facts about 3d movie trailers or trailers in general, the term ‘trailer’ came about because trailers were originally shown right after a feature movie in the past. But this set up was not that successful and beneficial to both the viewers and the movie companies. This is because people usually leave the movie houses the moment the credits start rolling. To put a solution to this problem, slight adjustments were made and movie trailers started to be shown before the start of any feature film. In this way, it seems that the advertisers get more and the target population is really hit. This should be enough to explain why, even if we still call it ‘trailers,’ 3d movie trailers are being shown before the start of feature films. They are even independently shown in some hosting websites such as YouTube.

Speaking of which, YouTube is perhaps the first website that comes into mind when the conversation finds its way to short videos and movies. And it is just something that we should not wonder much about. YouTube has been in existence for almost five years and a half now. And within that span of time, it never failed to entertain us with a lot of videos that really keep the stress, at least a part of it, away! This website also has a host of movie trailers to show us. Some of them are the official trailers of 3d movies while others are just those made by fanatics who just can’t get enough of what the movie companies are giving them. This should mean to say therefore that YouTube is just one of the best sites to visit when trying to look for quality 3d movie trailers.

Now, since this is a written article, obviously, we would not be able to show you examples of the 3d movie trailers. Despite that, maybe we have given you enough information about the topic in hand. So feel free to find your own 3D Movie Trailer samples.

Eddie Lebron Mega Man Movie Trailer

Even though the trailer was made available in 2008, I just recently got to viewing Eddie Lebron’s Mega Man movie trailer. Despite it being a “fan made” movie trailer, Mega Man returns in a live action, two dimensional, platforming glory, giving it an incredibly feel and stirring up feelings of nostalgia at the same time. Eddie’s development team went all out in making the movie trailer look, act, and truly feel like the classic Nintendo game, adding in extras like original remixed songs & an appearance by Protoman. The Mega Man movie trailer will send you on a trip down memory lane, but it’s also one of the best fan made trailers. Even avid fans of the classic Rockman are likely to give a thumbs up to Eddie Lebron’s adaptation. And one may wonder about how to find the Lebron movie trailer. Better yet how to find more information on the Eddie Lebron film itself.

In the category of “fan made” movies, this is top grade. As a blue bomber fan since childhood, I always dreamt of a Mega Man film. This is the best video-game-based film so far, so if you haven’t seen the clip, I personally invite you to check it out. Not to mention there is a 2nd promo of the film. Yes not 1 but 2, so it’s a 2 for 1 deal. Great huh? It just debut last week. And the good news, the movie is only days away – May 7th. Book your calanders Capcom fans!

So where can you view this awesome Eddie Lebron movie preview?

Movies and Entertainment – The Definition of the Documentary Film

A documentary film is one of several creative modes, including narrative fiction and experimental avant-garde. Documentaries have a purpose, viewpoint and approach, and evolves from the formative process – as either scripted or spontaneous. Documentaries are limited to reality or actuality.

Most of the production requirements for documentaries refer to the fact that there are no sets, actors are not used, and real people, not actors, play themselves.

Documentaries have been credited thrpoughout history for having a huge impact on cultural meanings. Many film schools worldwide teach the art of documentary filmmaking. The schools and classes teach understanding the fundamental aesthetic tools of documentary filmmaking such as camera operation, sound, structure, and also the interview.

Classes will often include exercises leading to the production of a documentary film project, so that the students can learn directing and producing skills as well as learn the various types of documentary.

There are always issues that students as well as the teachers deal with in documentary filmmaking having to do with the development of ideas, preproduction and the actual production.

the students in documentary film classes view segments of videos that represent major trends in the history of documentary film making. Usually there are guest film makers who lecture in the courses to mentor and provide supplementary education.

Documentaries are a very challenging form of filmmaking, that often stir up controversies. Historically, the genre begins with the earliest films of the Lumière brothers known as ‘actuality films” – ending with the latest postmodern explorations. Classics include Flaherty, Grierson, Riefenstahl, Rouch, Vertov, and Wiseman, along with contemporary works. The documentary film course examines how shifts in social and political realities, changing technology, as well as the personalities and talents of individuals continually re-define what the term documentary means. Ethical as well as aesthetic issues are also of consideration.

Documentaries often present challenges for cinematographers who usually must work alone or in small crews. They must learn how to capture beautifully-framed, meaningful footage during low budgeta and often chaotic circumstances that usually surround the film shoot. There’s typically an emphasis on shooting cinema verité and lighting with a very small crew. Some aspects of the digital camera are shared with students as they work.

Documentary films are also a very popular art form. Awards shows have a place for documentaries and many are covered often by movie critics, as evidenced in as early as 1942, when there were four winners including: The Battle of Midway; Kokoda Front Line; Moscow Strikes Back; and Prelude to War. In 2009 a recent documentary film on military medicine – Fighting for Life is expected to win awards.